Saros is an independent IT consultancy providing IT advisory and IT project management services.

Our IT Advisory services provide assistance with IT Strategy and IT Governance for multinationals and large indigenous corporations. Along with IT Advisory services we manage the delivery of projects using our IT Project Management services.

We manage the implementation of technology initiatives that support multinationals and large indigenous companies and provide IT advisory ensuring that you continuously make the choices that not only deliver for your business, but drive it further.

Our extensive experience has given us an in-depth understanding of the challenges organisations can solve through the application of the right IT solutions.

At Saros our only relationship is with you, our client, and our only goal is to deliver upon your strategy.

IT Strategy

The key to successful IT spend and environments is the formulation and continued implementation of an IT strategy.

IT Project Management

Saros provides independent project management, project assurance and programme management services.

IT Governance

We provide a structure for aligning IT strategy with business strategy. Providing assurance by delivering compliance & best practices.

IT Procurement Consulting

We provide expertise and guidance with a strong focus on procurement digitalisation.

Digital Transformation Consulting

Saros will ensure that your digital transformation is a positive force for your business growth and productivity.

Business Process Improvement Consulting

Add significant value to your business success by improving the efficiency and accuracy of your internal processes.

ITSM Consulting

Covering all information technologies within your business, we align IT services with your business needs to deliver a seamless and productive end user experience.

Cyber Security Consulting

Information security at Saros is represented by a pool of talented professionals driven by passion and certified knowledge of the Cybersecurity domains, processes, and capabilities.

PMO Consulting

Through strategic excellence and class leading governance, Saros’s PMO service will bring multiple IT projects to successful completion by supporting project management teams to deliver on time.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture Consulting

Our experienced M&A team will help you realise the full potential value of your M&A’s and Divestitures by providing technical and strategic expertise tailored to the exact nature of each specific deal.