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IT strategies should be a powerful tool that answers today's questions, meets tomorrow's needs, and drives your business forward.

IT Strategy

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We understand the critical importance of developing a forward-thinking IT strategy that not only addresses today's challenges but also prepares you for future advancements in technology. Saros offer innovative solutions that have benefitted numerous businesses across diverse industries, helping them plan and execute strategies that will support them into the future.

Aligned IT

We work with you to create an IT Strategy that perfectly aligns with your overall business strategy by utilising our expertise in project management and deep understanding of your business goals. By coordinating technology with your specific needs, we ensure that your IT infrastructure supports your business objectives.


We don't stop at strategy development. Our team excels in translating your IT strategy into a tangible portfolio of projects, complete with clear deliverables and well-defined timelines. We take great care in making sure your IT Strategy is correctly implemented, allowing your business to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Our IT Strategy Services

Guiding you from initiation to handover, we offer:

Business & IT Alignment
Digital Transformation
Mergers, Acquisitions & Diverstitures
Business relocation
Cloud & Infrastructure Technology Roadmaps
Sourcing & Investment Appraisals

Global IT LeadershipOperating globally across numerous countries, Saros Consulting boasts a track record of countless successful projects and expertly managed substantial budgets, showcasing our far-reaching impact and expertise.



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Case Study


This leading retailer found itself constrained by an outdated ITSM system, and that to achieve their ambitious strategy they needed to evolve their technology quickly. Their existing system brought an array of operational challenges, including manual workflows, limited communication channels, and a critical absence of self-service capabilities. Colleagues had to raise tickets for routine tasks like password resets, often facing frustrating delays due to vendor SLAs. This technology roadblock hindered the retailer's progress and innovation, demanding immediate attention.


860,209Hours Saved

Saros Consultancy expertly guided out IT investment, delivering a strategic and effective solution that enhances our disaster recovery and business continuity
CEO, Global Engineering Manufacturing

Case Studies


Reviving Retail Efficiency


Project Management Integration

Global Manufacturer

Procurement Optimisation

Business Made Better

Discover how our IT project management services can drive your business growth.

Saros Consulting is an independent IT consultancy based in Ireland, UK, US and Switzerland. We provide IT strategy, project management and governance services globally.

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