Procurement and Vendor Management

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We help companies reach their procurement goals and business objectives through effective management of vendor relationships and the development of clear, sustainable procurement strategies


We focus on procurement digitalisation, providing expertise and guidance that transforms your procurement function, optimising vendor relationships and maximising value.

Optimising Procurement

Saros specialises in optimising your procurement function, from strategy development to contract management. We start the process by assessing the maturity of your procurement function, identifying areas for growth, and uncovering potential cost-saving opportunities. Our data-driven approach leverages spending profiles, trends, and purchase order data to streamline your procurement function and drive efficiency.

Aligned IT Spending

Collaborate with experienced consultants who align IT spending with your business goals. Our services span strategy development, supplier sourcing, spend control management, and contract lifecycle management. We don't just propose strategies; we deliver opportunities tailored to your objectives, ensuring your procurement strategy aligns with your overall business direction. With our IT category framework, we maximise value derivation within your procurement process.

Efficiency Through Digitalisation

Saros procurement consulting service extends beyond strategy and sourcing to excel in contract lifecycle management. We maintain strong supplier relationships, manage contract expirations, and trigger timely sourcing events for optimal outcomes. Our Procurement as a Service Lifecycle covers spend analysis, procurement strategy, sourcing events, and contract management, seamlessly enhancing your procurement function. Embrace our digitalisation solutions to streamline data capture, reduce manual tasks, and gain greater visibility into your IT spending environment.

Vendor Management

Efficient vendor management is the key to cost control, service quality, risk mitigation, and extracting maximum value from your vendor relationships.

Saros' Vendor Management service equips your organisation with the tools and expertise needed to excel.

Why Vendor Management Matters

Effective vendor management helps create the strategic partnerships that will significantly impact your bottom line. Collaborating with the right vendors and maintaining productive relationships ensures the efficient delivery of contracted products and services which enables your company to meet business objectives, minimise disruption, avoid delivery failures and build a sustainable multi-sourcing strategy.

How Saros Can Help

We assist in selecting the right partners, categorising them effectively, and establishing contracts and relationships. Our solutions help you simplify selection, mitigate risks efficiently, and maximise vendor value.

Our Procurement and Vendor Management Experitise

Guiding you from initiation to handover, we offer:

Comprehensive maturity assessment of the company's procurement function
Run opportunity assessments
Present, agree and deliver uncovered opportunities
Align procurement strategy with business direction
Develop and deliver IT category framework for maximum value derivation
Contract lifecycle management
Procurement as a Service Lifecycle
Digitalisation for organisations requiring updated BAU methods
Simplify Vendor Selection
Vendor Management
Saros Consulting's deep understanding of our IT needs and precise planning have been crucial in our new international office projects. We are hugely impressed with the Saros team.
Head of Property Services Division, FTSE 100 Multinational

Global IT LeadershipOperating globally across numerous countries, Saros Consulting boasts a track record of countless successful projects and expertly managed substantial budgets, showcasing our far-reaching impact and expertise.



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