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Saros Consulting is a global IT professional services firm. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland we have an international presence with offices in the UK, Switzerland and US.

We deliver complex, mission critical IT programmes and projects for our multinational clients. As independent IT consultants we also complete IT consulting engagements, whereby we provide strategic IT direction on many areas within corporate IT environments. Our ability to align business strategy with IT & Digital strategies and deliver those strategies sets us apart from the rest and has enabled us to become a global brand.

Our vision is simple; we believe that great IT is transformational, driving business development and connecting people to their goals. Our approach is equally simple; we put our expertise to work in your best interests, we are part of your team, and on your side always. We will examine, explore and evaluate, doing so without fear or favour, in a manner that is clear and actionable. We provide the advice that empowers positive change. We transform IT from a mandatory business component into a vital engine powering simplicity and security, connectivity and control, all unified by our in-depth understanding. This is not about technology; this is about creating the springboard that drives business where it needs to go next.

The Saros team are experienced hires with backgrounds in multinational environments, this experience married with their consulting prowess is our unique differentiator. Our team have been at the forefront of challenging and complex projects, this experience makes us better than the rest.

Global IT LeadershipOperating globally across numerous countries, Saros Consulting boasts a track record of countless successful projects and expertly managed substantial budgets, showcasing our far-reaching impact and expertise.



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Our Vision

Transformative IT

Our vision is simple - to transform IT from a mandatory business component into a driving force for business growth, and competitive edge. We deliver IT strategy, project management, and governance services that not only align with but actively drive your business goals. Harnessing our global expertise, we aim to transform IT into an agile and strategic asset. This vision is supported by our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology trends, ensuring that our clients always have access to advanced solutions. When you choose to partner with Saros, you can trust that your IT goals are in expert hands.

Saros Values

Our values shape our behaviour and are a reflection of our distinctive attitude


Honesty and integrity are the foundation of our consulting principles. You can trust us to be open, honest, and forthright in all our interactions. We provide a transparent and honest assessment of your challenges and opportunities.


Elevate your business by leveraging our deep expertise and insights. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring you receive the highest level of expert guidance.


Through their extensive experience, our consultants understand the unique challenges you face and work closely with you, not just as consultants but as empathetic partners. Let our empathetic approach empower your business. Your success is our shared goal.

Business Made Better

Discover how our IT project management services can drive your business growth.

Saros Consulting is an independent IT consultancy based in Ireland, UK, US and Switzerland. We provide IT strategy, project management and governance services globally.

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