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Through strategic excellence and class leading governance, Saros’s PMO service will bring multiple IT projects to successful completion by supporting project management teams to deliver on time and within budget.

PMO Overview

Companies rely on us because they trust our PMs to deliver quality work and strategic, proactive project management.

Central Hub for Excellence

The Project Management Office (PMO) serves as the central hub for all project management functions within a company. At its core, the PMO is responsible for setting, maintaining, and ensuring standards for project management and project assurance across the organisation. It acts as the driver of best practices and project quality, monitoring project status and direction. The PMO is a crucial enabler for high-performing organisations, ensuring that each project aligns with the organisation's overarching goals and maintains a high standard of excellence.

Driving Project Success

The PMO Consulting Team is instrumental in maintaining and ensuring the progress of the portfolio of projects. They play a critical role in selecting the right projects at the right time and effectively managing project-related communications and changes. The team aligns projects with the corporate strategy and culture. Additionally, they are responsible for developing, improving, and maintaining methodologies, project policies, templates, tools, and techniques; These elements are essential for ensuring project success. They also provide coaching, mentoring, training, and oversight for project managers and sponsors, manage shared resources across the entire project portfolio, and conduct gate reviews to ensure quality and adherence to standards.

Comprehensive PMO Solutions

In terms of services, the PMO Consulting Team offers a range of specialised solutions. These include Project Delivery Service, a scalable on-demand solution providing dedicated and shared project specialist resources. PMO-as-a-Service (PMOaaS) is a fully managed service that utilises Saros PMO or a hybrid approach incorporating an existing or new on-site PMO, people, tools, and processes. This service is scalable and robust, ensuring flexibility and reliability. The team also offers Project Management Assurance, encompassing project controls, project quality audits, and a 'second set of eyes' steering approach. Lastly, their Advisory services include PMO advisory, strategic PMO planning, PMO maturity assessment and roadmap development, and transitioning to Agile at Scale, catering to diverse organisational needs and project management maturity levels.

Full Project Delivery

We offer a full PMO Consulting service in the following areas:

Adoption of best methodologies, practices, and standards to ensure productivity
Facilitate project teams by providing guidance, mentorship, training, supervision and overseeing their work
Ensure productivity throughout projects through strategic planning, organising, execution and governance
Provide project assurance through independent assessment of project progress
Provide effective communication throughout projects to keep them moving forward
Documentation, project history and organisational knowledge facility
Saros Consulting expertly guided our IT investment, delivering a strategic and effective solution that enhances our disaster recovery and business continuity.
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Global IT LeadershipOperating globally across numerous countries, Saros Consulting boasts a track record of countless successful projects and expertly managed substantial budgets, showcasing our far-reaching impact and expertise.



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